What about my children – is there a program for them?

Good question!  At Holdfast we are keen to see people of all ages discover what it means to live their lives as followers of Jesus.   We want to support parents in their endeavor to teach and guide their children’s spiritual journey.  When it comes to learning though, we recognise that, whilst we adults have much to teach our children, we also have much to learn from them.  In fact, Jesus said that unless we learn to come to Him as children we really are missing the point!

Rather than run a parallel children’s program, we’ve made the intentional decision to make our Main Event an all age experience.   This is not without its challenges.  It means, as different generations, we need to make allowances for one another.  It brings us much joy however, to see several generations learning of God together.

During the Main Event, children, up to grade seven, have the option of completing a worksheet.  Here, they have opportunity, dependent upon their age and maturity level, to answer questions about what they have seen and heard, particularly concerning the message.  After the Main Event, those children who complete their worksheet (or have made a good effort) receive a star on our progress chart.  Periodically we celebrate our children’s progress by awarding prizes.

If you have smaller children, be assured, we understand they sometimes make noise!  It’s not a problem for us.  If, however, you prefer, there is a designated creche room where you can sit with your babies and toddlers. You’ll still be able to hear and see the Main Event whilst they play with the toys provided.  It’s our goal though to encourage our children to look forward to joining in with the big people in the Main Event.

We appreciate that, if you’ve been around churches before, this may be a new approach for you.  We are the first to admit that this is a work in progress.  We’re on a journey!  We are always open to suggestions of how we can improve things.  That said, we remain committed to exploring what it means to be a family together.  If you’re interested in exploring our approach further  (or have any other questions about about how, or why, we do things the way we do) our Pastor, Stephen, would be very happy to meet with you.